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Liz Earle reveals the amazing healing properties of vital oils and shows you how to create simple and effective natural remedies for radiant beauty and glowing good health.

Did you know that avocado oil can help keep your skin looking younger? That evening primrose oil is good for PMS and eczema? And that fish oils can cure depression in adults and ADHD in children? Research shows that many oils have unique attributes for beauty and health and can even help speed weight loss. Used in the right way, the natural oils in our diet and as supplements have remarkable therapeutic effects.

This simple and comprehensive guide from bestselling beauty and wellbeing writer Liz Earle includes:

– How to boost energy levels and achieve radiantly clear skin
– How to improve mood and speed weight-loss
– The latest, fully researched in-depth A-Z guide to aromatherapy oils
– The Healing Oils Remedy Finder, a special section on problem solving – including ADHA, arthritis, asthma, baby care, depression, eczema, heart disease, PMS, psoriasis and much more