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How we work

We believe that the best way to see people reach their maximum potential is to give them the freedom to shape their own working day. It’s important for our engagement and productivity, and everyone’s happiness. We want to offer a work-life balance that really makes a difference.

Work-life balance policies

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Agile working

Agile working, for us, is based on the concept that work is an activity, not a place. Our ideal is for people to be in the office three days a week – to bounce around ideas and get some much-needed human interaction – and work from home for the other two. Our core hours are from 10am to 4pm, with an hour for lunch, and we trust our people to work their minimum contracted hours around these times in a way that works for them.

Flexible working

We know that there are times in our lives, and certainly in our careers, where we need to get serious about flexibility. Whether it’s childcare, looking after an elderly or ill family member, or just finding a better balance, we give our people the opportunity to request a contractual change to their working pattern via a formal flexible working agreement. In 2019, we were shortlisted for Best Innovation in Flexible Working at the Top Employer Awards. And in 2021, we were also shortlisted for Best Covid-19 Response at the Working Families Best Practice Awards.

Hear from our people

Ella Bennett

Ella Bennett

Junior HR Business Partner, Human Resources

Everyone is encouraged to take ownership of their role, to consider how things could be done differently and there is a real focus on innovation.