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The Last Reich

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18th July 2024

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A heinous, co-ordinated plot to attack a series of prominent synagogues, located across five different continents, is scheduled to take place on Yom Kippur – the Jewish Day of Atonement. For that one day of the year, celebrated prayer houses will be packed to the rafters with Jewish worshippers and the results could prove to be devastating. The mastermind behind the attacks is a direct blood descendant of Adolf Hitler – his grandson, former Republican presidential candidate, John Franklin. Artfully manipulating a number of fanatical, Neo-Nazi para-military groups across the globe, Franklin is looking to fulfil his grandfather’s legacy and land a major blow against Jews located across the world.

But in reality, the attacks are nothing more than an ingenious smokescreen for a far more sinister plot, which if successful, could severely unbalance geo-politics in the Middle East, sparking a global war between the Superpowers.

Chief Inspector Nicholas Vargas of The Buenos Aires Police Department and Troy Hembury, the Head of Internal Security for the White House combine forces with senior colleagues at the FBI and Mossad, in a race against time to try to uncover the truth behind “Operation Atonement” and thwart the plan, as the consequences of failure could be disastrous for world peace.

The Reich Trilogy