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‘An excellent debut novel, definitely in my top ten of the year.’ – Scott Pack, The Bookseller

‘Rhodes asks important questions about social justice, but also tells a compelling human story. An impressive debut’ – Mary Fitzgerald, New Statesman, 20 October 2006

‘A-S-B-O – you think that makes you special. But it doesn’t. It means you were stupid enough to get caught, that’s all. I should have one. I should have the biggest ASBO there is. I want a poster with my face on.’

When JB is served with an ASBO for joy-riding and sent to paint beach huts for the summer in Kent, it looks as if he has a chance to turn his life around. But then he encounters Moey and his gang, and his future seems to hang in the balance. Separated from his mother and under a strict curfew, only his attraction to Sal seems to give him a reason to keep going. But a storm is coming that threatens to shatter his hopes and destroy the relationship that could redeem him