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The Curve of the Earth

Paperback / ISBN-13: 9780356501826

Price: £9.99

ON SALE: 19th March 2013

Genre: Fiction & Related Items

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Post-apocalyptic London, full of street gangs and homeless refugees. A dangerous city needs an equally dangerous saviour.

Step forward Samuil Petrovitch, a genius with extensive cybernetic replacements, a built-in AI with god-like capabilities and a full armoury of Russian swear words. He’s dragged the city back from the brink more than once – and made a few enemies on the way.

So when his adopted daughter Lucy goes missing in Alaska, he has some clue who’s responsible and why. It never occurs to him that guessing wrong could tip the delicate balance of nuclear-armed nations. This time it’s not just a city that needs saving: it’s the whole world.


Filled to the brim with cybernetic enhancements to his body and sporting an artificial-intelligence companion who's with him wherever he goes, Petrovitch is as snarky, impulsive, and coarse as ever. He's also a genius who can manipulate computer systems without being anywhere near them and can access the most secret of top-secret files without moving a muscle. But can he find his missing daughter before something horrible happens to her? Morden has built a fully realized, believable, postapocalyptic world and populated it with full-bodied characters. Sure, Petrovitch is a bit (well, a lot, actually) over-the-top, but so what? He's also completely engaging and so compelling you don't dare look away from him, for fear you might miss something.
Great dialogue, great characters, great settings - this takes post-apocalyptic worlds to a new height, with sensational results. Absolutely riveting!
I just slammed through it, and it's a blast
This is British sci-fi at its hard-boiled best, and it's worth reading just for the irascible Petrovitch: a diplomat lacking diplomacy, who delights in confronting the idiocy of the world around him
Completely enveloping and thoroughly absorbing . . . Morden is a master storyteller

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