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‘Heartbreaking, beautiful, epic. I loved it’
Author of The Mercies

‘Blindingly brilliant . . . I cannot wait to read everything she writes’
Author of Everything Under and Sisters

She was never meant to be an ordinary woman, reading out her history as if it belonged to us. She was more than that. She was the way of learning the world.

It was the last time most of us would see her but we didn’t know that then.

Aida is the defining rock star of her age; her every move observed, examined and owned by a devoted, cultish fanbase. When she disappears without a trace into a complicated love affair they are determined to find her, uncover her truths and own her once more.

Aida and Ehsan reconnect after a decade apart, hoping to recapture the innocent, lost love of their youth. Before long, their connection is strained by secrets and jealousies and the past begins to blur with their present as they follow in the footsteps of mythic lovers before them.

The Giant Dark is an award-winning debut novel about love and fame. Inspired by the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, it explores the consuming and devastating effects of using a lover as a muse.

‘Rich and immersive . . . A book to lose yourself in’
Author of Salt Slow

‘A brilliant, intoxicating reimagining. A heady brew of art, love and its cataclysmic impact’
Author of Nudibranch


Rich and immersive, The Giant Dark is a gorgeous novel about love and trauma, jealousy, art, and the mythologising effects of fame. A book to lose yourself in
Julia Armfield
Blindingly brilliant. Hasin is a force to be reckoned with and I cannot wait to read everything she writes
Daisy Johnson
A brilliant, intoxicating reimagining. A heady brew of art, love and its cataclysmic impact
Irenosen Okojie
A magical and dark story of lovers and muses, jealousy and secrets, and music, brilliantly told in Hasin's precise and devastating prose
Nikesh Shukla
The Giant Dark is captivating and gorgeous. A sensual treat of a novel about youth, euphoria and the ways we chain ourselves to other people. Hasin creates a world where passion, love and duty mingle with artifice and false promise, and brings into that world two lovers whose combustible mix of desire and nostalgia will result in tragedy. It's a book to read when you're up alone late at night, missing people. When you've forgotten what it's like to dance in a crowd, to hold someone's hand, to lose yourself in another person, read this book.
Rory Gleeson
A masterful exploration of fame and followings. The antithesis between the construction of a personality by her devotees and the harsh reality of someone coming to terms with fame and juggling the day-to-day tensions of interpersonal relationships is what makes Hasin's novel particularly brilliant