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‘Gripping, fast-paced…Should be read in one sittingSPECTATOR

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Terry Fielding has his own way of escaping his problems, and a lot to escape from. An unrewarding job. A loveless, childless marriage. A neurotic wife obsessed with another woman’s child. And a secret in his own past – a leather-bound scrapbook filled with pictures of a little girl who died twenty-seven years ago…

When he meets the enigmatic Rosina, all that ceases to matter in favour of the time they spend alone together – the long nights in cheap hotels where they lie smoking side-by-side and talking about everything.

But is Rosina really Terry’s soulmate? Or is there more to her than meets the eye? And by the time Terry figures it out, will it all be too late…?


Cold, scary ... COLD TOWN isn't easily forgotten
COLD TOWN goes for the psychological jugular ... Diamond is on track for the first division of lady killers
Gripping, fast-paced ... It should be read in one sitting
This is a troubling and compelling walk through the darkness of strangers