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‘An exciting rollercoaster of a read with twists I wasn’t expecting. Loved it’ Claire Douglas

‘I was gripped . . . A real page-turning thriller’ Susan Lewis

‘Fast-paced, relentlessly tense and terrifying’ Claire Allan

‘Guaranteed to keep you awake all night!’ Phoebe Morgan


Izzy is thrilled when her shy, 12-year-old son is invited for his first sleepover. Nick has spent years being isolated and picked on; he deserves a night of fun and friendship.

But Izzy is also nervous: it’s a year to the day since bullies put Nick in hospital. She drops him off at his new best friend’s house with mixed feelings. Arriving to collect him the following morning, her worst fears come true . . .

Nick isn’t there.

Who has taken her son?

And will she ever get him back?


A gripping and emotional thriller, perfect for fans of Claire McGowan‘s What You Did, Karen Cole’s Deceive Me and Jane Shemilt’s Little Friends.

What everyone’s saying about Samantha King’s thrillers…

‘Intense and twisty . . . I loved this book!’ Karen Dionne, international bestseller and author of The Wicked Sister

‘Deeply unsettling – I couldn’t put it down!’ Isabel Ashdown, author of Lake Child

‘I loved this . . . It played in my darkest fears as a parent and sped along to a jaw dropping and unforeseen conclusion’ Niki Mackay, author of I, Witness

‘Tautly plotted and thought-provoking . . . I raced through it’ Joanna Barnard, author of Hush Little Baby

‘Taunt, tense and very clever’ Claire Douglas, bestselling author of Then She Vanishes

‘Absolutely loved this book! A real psycho thriller that had me gasping and even wanting to hide at times’ Susan Lewis, bestselling author of Home Truths

‘Exceptional . . . A first class, gripping triumph’ Claire Allan, bestselling author of Her Name Was Rose

‘Nail-biting’ Saskia Sarginson, bestselling author of The Twins

‘I raced through it . . . It is BRILLIANT!’ Lisa Hall, author of The Party

‘Tense, gripping, emotional, shocking, mind-twisting’ Alex Caan, author of First to Die

‘Completely gripping . . . had me glued to the pages’ Jenny Oliver, author of The House We Called Home

‘Draws you right in from the first page . . . packs a devastating emotional punch’ Eleanor Moran, author of Too Close to Comfort


A completely gripping psychological suspense that had me glued to the pages and rushing through to the end. It's a bum-on-the-edge-of-your-seat kind of read that you can't put down until it's done
Jenny Oliver (on The Choice)
Tense, gripping, emotional, shocking, mind twisting. An absolutely brilliant thriller. Loved it! 5 stars!
Alex Caan (on The Choice)
I loved this clever book. It played in my darkest fears as a parent and sped along to a jaw dropping and unforeseen conclusion
Niki Mackay
Brilliantly compelling, gripping and enthralling. A beautifully twisted tale with a satisfying and heart-stopping conclusion. Totally addictive
Liz Loves Books (on The Choice)
Samantha King's intense and twisty thriller is a heartrending tale of broken trust and unimaginable loss in which a single mother is catapulted into the abyss when her only son goes missing; the only way out the answer to a single question: Where is my boy? King's fearless and terrifying new novel cements her place as one of the most talented and important psychological suspense authors today. I loved this book!
Karen Dionne, international bestseller and author of The Wicked Sister
I highly recommend this book - it is an exceptional debut. A first class, gripping triumph of a book
Claire Allan (on The Choice)
Full of twists and turns as [King] shines the spotlight on family life
People's Friend (on The Choice)
An astonishing read! Emotionally raw and unexpected, Samantha King's beautifully crafted The Choice is an utterly unputdownable debut that heralds the entry of a major new talent
Karen Dionne (on The Choice)
Absolutely loved this book! Such an amazing insight into the tricks of the human mind. A real psycho thriller that had me gasping and even wanting to hide at times. Highly recommend'
Susan Lewis (on The Choice)
A mother's worst nightmare unravels on each page. Gripping . . . Loved it and read it in one sitting
Carmel Harrington (on The Choice)
I raced through it . . . first-class writing! It is BRILLIANT! Refreshingly different, and actually quite disturbing. I loved it!
Lisa Hall (on The Choice)
Incredibly tense and disturbingly real, The Sleepover is guaranteed to keep you awake all night!
Phoebe Morgan
Draws you in right from the first page, with a mystery at its heart that packs a devastating emotional punch
Eleanor Moran (on The Choice)
Wow, what a debut! A beautifully written, chilling psychological thriller. Taunt, tense and very clever with twists . . . I absolutely loved it
Claire Douglas (on The Choice)
I was gripped and found it as hard to put down . . . Great characters and intrigue, a real page-turning thriller. Samantha King is such a talented writer
Susan Lewis, bestselling author of One Minute Later
The premise gripped me immediately and the tension kept ratcheting up throughout. A brilliant exploration of a mother's anxiety and intuition with such beautiful writing that really pulls at your emotions
Sarah Pearse
Should find a place on your reading list
Sun (on The Choice)
The Sleepover taps into every parent's darkest fears and insecurities. Tensely well-crafted and deeply unsettling - I couldn't put it down!
Isabel Ashdown
Tautly plotted and thought-provoking on topical themes such as social media and how we navigate school run politics . . . it certainly tapped into a few of my fears! I raced through it to the shocking but satisfying conclusion
Joanna Barnard
Samantha King takes the worst fears and worries of parenthood and brings the reader to very dark places in this absolute page turner. It's fast-paced, relentlessly tense and terrifying
Claire Allan