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There’s a murderer loose in the Imperial Court: it could mean war in this ‘twisty and enjoyable tale’ (SFX) and ‘wholly convincing fantasy world’ says Ben Aaronovitch, bestselling author of Foxglove Summer.

After years locked in a tower, Sarmin has come into his own: he has been crowned emperor, he has wed Mesema of the grasslands, and the Pattern Master is dead. Everything should be happy-ever-after.

But war is threatening, Sarmin has no royal assassin and both Mesema and his mother have given birth to sons, throwing the succession into question. The last thing anyone needs is for the Yrkman peace envoy to be murdered in his bed.

There are numerous possible killers, and it’s up to Grada, Sarmin’s trusted investigator, to follow the clues – no matter how close to the throne they lead her.

Conspiracies, secret agendas and betrayals abound in this riveting sequel to The Emperor’s Knife.


'A commendable accomplishment and showcases the growth Williams has undergone as a writer. This series is a new and exciting facet of the Fantasy genre, and fans would do well to acquaint themselves with it ... leaves readers breathless for the next instalment: it's obviously going to be a game changer. I can't wait!' speculatingonspecfic.com.
'Grips the reader by the sheer force of Williams' sumptuous detail ... he has succeeded in that tricky business of creating a middle volume that spurs one on to get to the conclusion of the saga. This reader for one will be ready and waiting when the final volume, The Tower Broken, comes around' Starburst.
'A solid sequel in a marvellous trilogy of high fantasy ... Williams is a wonderful author and fans of epic fantasy will love this magical, character-driven trilogy' The Ranting Dragon.
Ranting Dragon

Tower and Knife Trilogy