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It has been two years since Alden Warren’s husband vanished. The police are convinced he ran off and left her, but others know better. Alden fills the void as best she can, with work, with her urgent attempt to adopt a baby, and-finally-with a new lover named Lux Davis, who has troubles of his own.Haunted in different ways by the disappearance of Alden’s husband, Lux and Alden put their unruly lives together and hope to make something work for once. LUX is an unforgettable novel about beauty in strange places, hope in dark situations, and the singular universe that two people can build.


Flook handles matters in extremis-murder, disinterment, kidnapping-with bluff naturalism, and because there's nothing artificial about the way Lux and Alden are drawn to each other, their inevitable bond ties things together....Darkly amusing.'- Elle
'Flook is impish and inventive….A refreshingly unsentimental writer. Her language is genuinely lyrical….My interest in LUX never faded….A fine novel.'- Washington Post Book World