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A story about love, loss and finding hope-against all odds.

Rob Coates can’t believe his luck. There is Anna, his incredible wife, and most precious of all, Jack, their son, who makes every day an extraordinary adventure. Rob feels like he’s won the lottery of life. Or rather-he did. Until the day it all changes when Anna becomes convinced there is something wrong with Jack.

Now Rob sleepwalks through his days, unable to bridge the gulf that separates him from his wife, his son and the business of living. But he’s determined to come to terms with what’s happened-and find a way back to life, and forgiveness.

We Own the Sky
will resonate with anyone who has ever suffered loss or experienced great love. Luke Allnutt shows that the journey from hope to despair and back is never as simple as we think, and that even the most thoroughly broken heart can learn to beat again.

Read by Jack Hawkins

(p) 2018 Orion Publishing Group Ltd


Allnutt provides a visceral, heartbreaking portrait of a father facing the loss of his 'beautiful boy.' Not the macho loss of football scarves and shared pints, but the inconceivable evaporation of memories, of smells and the warmth of physical contact with our children that can be all too fleeting.
Jem Lester, author of SHTUM
This book will break your heart, but repair it too. Luke Allnutt's writing is full of compassion. It made me hold my loved ones a little bit closer.'
Heartbreaking and devastating and complicated, We Own the Sky offers something remarkable: light in the darkest dark and redemption where there ought to be none."
Laurie Frankel, bestselling author of THIS IS HOW IT ALWAYS IS
Both movingly tender and unflinchingly honest - We Own the Sky is story that will stay with me.
Isabel Ashdown, author of LITTLE SISTER
Beautifully rendered and profoundly moving, We Own the Sky illustrates the lengths we'll go to for those we love. Luke Allnutt is a major new talent in fiction and his debut is not to be missed.
Camille Pagán, bestselling author of Life and Other Near-Death Experiences
We Own the Sky is a heartbreak of a novel filled with love, sorrow, pain, and--ultimately--hope. The characters are drawn so tenderly, with such beautiful detail, that it's impossible not to feel the emotions that pulse through the pages. Powerful, touching, and poignant, this family's love story had me in tears.
Jill Santopolo, bestselling author of The Light We Lost
What an incredible book this is - such gut-wrenching honesty and depth of emotion. Anyone who wishes David Nicholls would write faster needs to grab this with both hands. It's a truly stunning achievement.
Jill Mansell
We Own the Sky is a life-affirming yet heart-breaking wonder of a book about love in all its forms. Parental love, with the doubts, fears and joy that it brings and also the headrush of falling in love followed by the tough reality of trying to keep alive the magic once real life rears its head. The writing throughout is fluent and lyrical, full of humour and heart. It is one of the most raw and honest novels I've read in a long time - and yet Allnutt constantly finds the joy amidst the heartbreak - the chinks of light in the darkness.
Katie Marsh, author of MY EVERYTHING
Deeply affecting. A beautiful, remarkable book.
Lucy Diamond, author of THE SECRETS OF HAPPINESS
Utterly beautiful, heartbreaking and ultimately uplifting.
Rachael Lucas, author of The State of Grace
This book brims over with empathy. Rob and Anna's crippling grief is utterly heartbreaking to read. It's at times a difficult read, but I finished it with tears running down my face. This is a book that will get under your skin and stay in your mind for a long time. Beautiful and irresistible.
Clare Swatman, author of Before You Go
A breathtaking read that describes perfectly the joy and pain that comes with loving fully and all the compassion and forgiveness it requires. Brimming with hope to the very end.
Steven Rowley, bestselling author of Lily and the Octopus
We Own the Sky is a gripping, heart-squeezing story about how to carry on after losing what we love most. With grace, emotional keenness and a steady moral searchlight, Luke Allnutt guides the reader through the darkest despair and back to hope. A brave and intense novel.
Val Emmich, author of The Remainders
Absolutely stunning. A fabulous book.
Sheila O’Flanagan, author of WHAT HAPPENED THAT NIGHT
Echoes of David Mitchell, Jodi Piccoult and John Green
Prepare to have your heart wrenched by this emotion-drenched story.
Sunday Mirror
Prepare to have your heart well and truly wrenched by this emotion-soaked story.
The People
A beautiful, hugely emotional story.
Fabulous Magazine
A heartbreaking read about love and loss.
Bella Magazine
This tender depiction of a father's love for his son is utterly heartbreaking and will stay with you long after the book has finished.
The Express
This tender depiction of a father's love for his son is utterly heartbreaking and will stay with you long after the book has finished.
Daily Express
This sweeping tale of love and loss is a rare find. A wonderful read - but keep the tissues to hand.
The Lady