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Alice Asks the Big Questions

ebook / ISBN-13: 9781472153555

Price: £8.99

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From international bestselling author Laurent Gounelle, a captivating novel about a young woman whose marketing project to help save a parish church turns into a revealing spiritual journey.

Alice, a young marketing consultant, pays a visit to an old friend who has seemed depressed lately. Jeremy, now a parish priest in a charming French village, explains that he is dejected at the dwindling number of parishioners attending church. It seems no one has time anymore for faith, spirituality, or the sense of community the little village church has always provided.

Though an avowed atheist, Alice decides to apply her professional skills to the problem. The first step is research: she reads the Bible and consults with a number of experts in religious studies–on Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism, among others. She even interviews a physicist on the Big Bang.

Her inquiries lead her to uncover a disturbing truth, one that has been suppressed for centuries by powerful interests, and eventually forgotten, but that will forever change the way she thinks about humankind’s place in the universe, and her own.

In this moving and captivating novel, Laurent Gounelle takes us on a journey of spiritual and intellectual discovery, and reveals that, in our search for meaning, there is more that unites us across cultures and beliefs than divides us.