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Sophie Jones has had more than her share of misfortune since being orpahned young and every time she tries to move forward, her past drags her back. She bakes up a batch of Misfortune Cookies for her chocolate shop that become a surprise hit with customers who seem to identify with her mottos, even if they don’t exactly lift the spirits. Her luck seems to be running true to form when Garret Black walks back into her shop, almost a year after he broke their engagement and disappeared with no explanation. When he reacts with surprise and dismay to her Misfortune Cookies, she sees an opportunity to dodge the conversation he seems to want and suggests he take out a want ad in the local paper seeking sustainable happiness. When he gets a hundred responses she deems acceptable she’ll go out on one last date and hear him out. Sophie knows he has no chance of winning but she doesn’t count on his determination or that the media will pick up on the ad, causing it to go viral. Soon her PO box is flooded and in the midst of the overwhelming response and the impact it has on those around her, Sophie might have to concede that happiness isn’t always fleeting.