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On their way to a tedious dinner party with a couple they loathe, Barry and Susan find themselves in a stranglehold amidst a smashed bottle of whisky.

As Barry’s gambling debts propel him to desperate measures and Susan’s boredom finds relief in Barry’s best friend, the poor souls tumble from miserable mundanity into social apocalypse. In an acid portrayal of boozing, fornicating, money-grubbing and extreme marital angst, Connolly shows himself to be a master of the genre with wickedly comic panache.


'Read this book ... Connolly has enormous black-hearted fun at the poor souls' expense' Cosmopolitan.
'A Goyaesque comedy ... Connolly's people are possessed with a sort of end-of-millennium frenzy and despair' Evening Standard.
Evening Standard
'Remorselessly points up social pretensions with the eye of Dostoevsky ... This satire on human behaviour is timeless' Independent.
'Vigorous, amusing and sharply detailed' TLS.