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Tulane Rhodes is furious because National Brands has painted his stock car pink and put a bunny on the hood in order to advertise Cottontail Disposable Diapers. The company also expects him to officiate at baby-changing races across the country. Tulane is embarrased but he either behaves or he’s going to find himself back in Last Chance, S.C., racing dirt track cars for Lovett’s Hardware.
Sarah Murray, a publicist for National Brands, is sent on tour with Tulane to ensure that he makes his personal appearances. Sarah, a prim Yankee, is ill-equipped to manage the hotheaded good ol’ boy but her job is on the line.
Tulane quickly determines that Sarah is a nice girl, and Tulane has always given nice girls a wide berth ever since Last Chance’s infallible matchmaker, Miz Mirian Randall, told him he would one day marry a minster’s daughter.
For Sarah, it’s an old story. Guys are always turning her down because she’s too nice and a minister’s daughter. How’s a girl ever supposed to learn anything if the bad boys won’t be bad?