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-Employed (you have frequent nightmares about your job)
-Single and ready to mingle! (swiping through Tinder while your best friend shops for engagement rings)
-Living your best life (renting a tiny smelly flat which costs £3000 a month)

Sound familiar? Meet Ivy. She’s not just a hot mess, she’s a walking disaster. The only man in her life is the pizza delivery driver and she puts more effort into binge-watching Netflix than her dead-end job.

But that was the old Ivy. Because last night she switched her phone off, peeled the salami from last night’s drunken takeaway off the carpet, and made a list. A list that changed everything…

The new Ivy has a proper job. She goes on dates in fancy wine bars. She’s discovering that all those inspirational quotes about ‘faking it till you make it’ were right.

Until Ivy meets Scott. Curly-haired, sarcastic, sexy Scott.

Is this man the real deal, or a ticket back to drunk crying and Netflix?
Is this job worth having to wake up at 7:30 am?
Is this yoga class even giving her abs?


If you have ever cried in the loo at work, drank your weight in wine to distract yourself from a terrible date, or sent what you thought was a sexy photo to a man who replied with a single smiley face . . . this book is for you.

Praise for The Education of Ivy Edwards:

‘An absolute joy. . . reminds me of some of my all time favourites – Adults, Not Working, The To-Do ListDaisy Buchanan, author of How to be a Grown Up

Raw, unapologetic and pretty damn relatable . . . a brilliant debut Heat

‘Honest and confronting . . . there’s an Ivy in all of us!’ Laura Jane Williams, author of Our Stop

‘Smart, bittersweet and
extremely funny . . . so perceptive and REALDaisy Buchanan, author of How to Be a Grown Up

‘Gritty, surprising, redemptive’ Laura Jane Willams

‘This book will make you laugh out loud one minute and have you reaching for the tissues the next’ Heat

‘Like that trusted friend who’ll give you a ‘cwtch‘ (Welsh hug), check your mascara and then take you to get hammered on vodka martinis. . . warm, witty and occasionally filthy . . . and full of heartNicola Mostyn, author of The Gods of Love

Reminiscent of Laura and Tyler’s escapades in Emma Jane Unsworth’s Animals . . . gets into the nitty gritty of heartbreakNetgalley reviewer

Feel good and hilarious’ Netgalley reviewer

’31-year-old Ivy’s life is derailed dramatically when her fiancé dumps her, with no warning, just 5 minutes after they’ve had sex. A feel good and hilarious look at breaking up, self-indulgence and self-discovery’ Girl Reads Books

I could really empathise with . . . the struggles of not belonging and trying to survive London when life has not gone to plan’ Netgalley reviewer

The Education of Ivy Edwards is a whirlwind of a read, and proved to be a great distraction from the current climate. . . .Ivy’s mum might be my favourite character, she’s bonkers and I loved her!’ Eleanor Reads Books

A very enjoyable read’ Netgalley reviewer

‘Rich in dialogue . . . it’s a novel about realising that sometimes your greatest enemy is yourself Netgalley reviewer