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Have you discovered the international bestseller yet?

I truly felt for the memorable women risking their lives to protect themselves and their families . . . Baghdad springs into vivid violent life . . . Outstanding!’ DINAH JEFFERIES, number one Sunday Times bestselling author

Two can keep a secret, only when one of them is dead . . .

‘A deeply involving and important novel by a master storyteller’ SUSAN WIGGS, number one New York Times bestselling author

‘Breathtaking…Riveting and profound! I adored this book!’ Ellen Marie Wiseman, New York Times bestselling author

Iraq, 2002.
As night falls in Huda’s fragrant garden of apricot trees, a breeze sweeps in from the desert, warning of visitors at her gate.

A secretary at the Australian embassy in Baghdad, Huda has been ordered by the mukhabarat to befriend and spy upon the Deputy Ambassador’s wife, Ally Wilson. To refuse is to risk her son being forced to join a deadly militia. But – though Huda cannot yet know it – Ally is keeping dangerous secrets of her own.

Meanwhile, Huda’s estranged friend Rania – a sheikh’s daughter whose wealth is long gone – is battling to keep her own her own daughter safe from the dictator’s men.

As Huda and Rania are brought together again, through their relationship with Ally, their hidden pasts spill into the present. Facing betrayal at every turn, all three women must trust in a fragile, newfound loyalty, even as they discover how much each is willing to sacrifice to protect those they love . . .

Lose yourself in this evocative, emotionally powerful and completely gripping international bestseller, where secrets are precious currency and three courageous women are tested to the limit by a horrifying power seemingly beyond their control.

‘Wilkinson weaves in the miasma of fear and distrust that characterized Hussein’s regime with convincing detail. Richly drawn characters and high-stakes plotPUBLISHERS WEEKLY

Rarely do we hear stories of those who are most oppressed. And stories from recent wars told by women about women are even rarer . . . Wilkinson’s evocative language shapes the novel into one of suspense, intrigue and conspiracy; where female friendship is platformed . . . Although it is set within a backdrop of male power, where human grief is “almost a creature into itself”, the power of a woman’s intent for the safety of those she loves carries the novel through with a mesmerising pulsating force’ SYDNEY MORNING HERALD

Readers can’t stop talking about this book!

‘Riveting from beginning to end . . . A great read!’ *****

‘Atmospheric and suspenseful . . . I read this novel with my heart in my throat’ *****

The stories of these three women are each compelling on their own, but when intertwined they become formidable . . . Stunning’ *****

I felt the warmth of the sun and tasted the sweetness of the lime tea . . . Beautiful‘ *****

‘All I can say is: WOW – read it. You won’t be disappointed’ *****


A deeply involving and important novel by a master storyteller. Gina Wilkinson highlights the humanity at the center of a brutal conflict. She brings her lived experience to every page of this harrowing, dramatic, and ultimately hopeful book.
Susan Wiggs, #1 New York Times bestselling author
Gina Wilkinson's breathtaking novel explores the plight of ordinary people who must flee their country to survive, as three women living under the tyrannical regime of Saddam Hussein and his brutal secret police risk their lives to protect themselves and their children. Riveting and profound! I adored this book!
Ellen Marie Wiseman, New York Times bestselling author of The Orphan Collector