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A part-time job as an undercover store detective at the Riverside Shopping Mall seems ideal for our mum-of-three whose kids are now at school. Used to not being noticed at home, she feels she has the perfect credentials.

The ‘invisible eye’ of the Mall, she witnesses the good, bad and ugly of suburban life – and it’s not long before things become more complicated than the job fist promised.

There’s the mystery of the posh schoolgirl, and why security is turning a blind eye. There’s the question of dubious vote-casting in the bonny baby competition. There’s Zero FM star Lindy May, and the case of her missing brother. And then, bizarrely, she finds herself cast as the reluctant sleuth in an abandoned baby case from many years back . . . where nothing is quite as it first seems.

With home life in growing disarray, the pressure begins to mount, and it’s not long before everything starts to get a little blurry around the edges.

The Undercover Mother is a hilarious, unflinchingly honest tale of an unforgettable heroine who’s trying hard not so much to have it all … but to keep intact the bit that she does have.


'I dog eared all the pages that made me laugh out loud and now the book is a mess.'
Roisin Ingle, Irish Times journalist
'Eirin's unique style blends black humour with pithy, diary-style musings on the suburban life of a late-thirties mother of three. Poignant, dark, genuinely moving and very funny.'
Ciara Considine, editor
'Very funny ... chick-lit with a kick'
Verbal Magazine