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For centuries, treasure hunters have sought the lost horde of the notorious English pirate Edward Ockham. Clues led to the mysterious Water Pit on Ragged Island, Maine-but a curse left behind by the long-dead Ockham seems to be working. Every expedition has failed; the treasure seekers died in gruesome fashions. Now a new expedition has been mounted, using state-of-the-art computer technology and backed by tens of millions of dollars. It will all be worth it, if the treasure estimated to be worth $2 billion can be found. But modern technology, no matter how expensive, may not be enough to overcome the deadly secrets of the Water Pit.


Preston and Child have crafted a high-pitched, fast-paced plot with vivid description, intriguing characters and vibrant scenes....The suspense never lets up.
Bangor DAILY News
Machine-gun pacing, startling plot twists and smart use of legend, scientific lore (including cryptanalysis) and the evocative setting carry the day...bound to be one of the most popular of the summer reads.
Their most exciting thriller yet...plot twists and likable characters drive this story to its stunning conclusion.
on The Scene, Albuquerque NM
Unstoppable suspense and mystery.'-Kirkus Reviews
'Yo ho ho-get ready for a ripping good yarn!… This nonstop action adventure has all the elements of a perfect summertime thriller….The red-hot authors of Reliquary score another big winner.’