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Vittoria, as she’s known in Italy, is a small-time actress who left behind a dark past in her native Texas and followed her fading writer husband to the Eternal City.

Guided by her controlling brother Johnny, Vittoria soon enters the upper circles of Roman society, mingling with shady cardinals and corrupt senators. Among them is Paolo Orsini, who quickly falls prey to Vittoria’s charms. Too bad he’s married; too bad his wife, an aging film icon, is murdered.

From the ravishing beauty of Rome to the pristine beaches of Malibu, Vittoria finds herself at the heart of a lethal chase, spiralling dangerously out of control…

Read by Laurence Bouvard
(p) Orion Publishing Group 2018


Sultry, decadent, and erotically charged
Perhaps the most surprising feature of this tour de force is its pervasive links to both Jacobean tragedy and contemporary Mediterranean noir. Who knew?
More than a murder mystery: a story of Italy, obsessions, candid cultural observations, and a sense of place and confused purpose that keeps readers guessing, entertained, and thoroughly immersed
Midwest Book Review
Freaking incredible
A wild ride... exceptional
Publishers Weekly - starred review
A sensitive writer and observer
New York Times
Stansberry is an extraordinarily evocative writer
George Pelecanos, writer/producer THE WIRE
One of the genre's best writers right now
Sarah Weinman, author of THE REAL LOLITA
Stansberry is a hard-hitting, uncompromising writer
Voluptuous and sharply delineated... the backdrop of sultry and crumbling Rome lends the whole story a hot and crackling ambience
A glittering noir triumph... Brilliantly reimagined, fast-moving, aphoristic and recounted in a delirious, shimmering erotic flow, The White Devil is a possessed, fever dream of a book, an unwise third cocktail that proves impossible to resist.
The Irish Times
Excellent... Stansberry deserves to be better known... Menace, murder and eroticism lurk.
Marcel Berlins, The Times
Intoxicating... Rome is brilliantly captured, as is Italian society, but it is the tragic heroine and her flawed brother that linger in the mind.
Daily Mail
a wonderfully indulgent read with some surprising twists
The Lady
A stunning piece of noir, loosely based on John Webster's classic Renaissance play, which evokes both the Rome of Fellini and shades of Patricia Highsmith... Love triangles, an insidiously seedy atmosphere of corruption unleashed, a femme fatale like no other and a lush background makes for a breathless tale which shifts effortlessly from beauty to crime, in a both lyrical and terse, Hemingway-like narrative... You keep on rooting for the morally dubious heroine even though you know she is not to be trusted until her inevitable fall from grace. A revelation.
Crime Time, Book of the Month
One of the classiest pieces of noir you'll read this year... It is atmospheric, deliberately ambiguous, vengeful, by turns sultry and icy in tone with a leading female character you want to trust but simply dare not.
Mike Ripley, Shots Mag
Domenic Stansberry had the inspired idea of transposing The White Devil, John Webster's first great tragedy, to present day Rome, lacing it with aphoristic wit and recounting it in an eerie, shimmering flow.
Irish Times - Best Crime Fiction of 2018