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When Zada and Rick got married, she could almost hear the Hallelujah Chorus. But now, a year later, she can’t imagine what they were thinking of. Rick likes the house military -standard neat and the only sweeping Zada ever does is with a glance, not a broom. Rick is a health-food nut who runs five miles a day while Zada worships Ronald McDonald and only runs there for a snack. Since neither of them can compromise, divorce seems the best solution. The only problem-they can’t agree on who gets the house and the dog. But all’s fair in love and war…When the judge in divorce court orders Rick and Zada to settle their dispute outside of court in 90 days, the gloves officially come off. On the advice of his attorney, Rick employs the ‘separate and apart’ clause which allows them to live under the same roof as long as they don’t share food or a bedroom so he’ll have a better chance of keeping the house. But neither of them ever counted on attraction to flare up between them again, only this time stronger than ever before. Should this feuding couple be making love and not war?