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As the daughter of bohemian parents who moved to a nudist colony, Kate Anderson wants nothing to do with a life like that. Instead, she longs for a life exactly like her grandmother’s-marriage to a corporate attorney who gives her stability and order. Lucky for her she’s found Harold, the perfect guy. Never mind that their sexual problems have to be worked out in Harold’s therapist’s office. After all, there’s more to a good relationship than sex, right?
But from the moment Kate meets mounted patrol cop Anthony Petrocelli, her entire planned life turns upside down. Anthony Petrocelli’s Italian grandmother has always been able to predict the future with tea leaves. So, ever since he was 16, Anthony’s family has been teasing him about meeting his future wife with blonde hair and green eyes in Central Park when he’s 36. He’s never paid any attention to it…until the day he runs into a beautiful blonde women with green eyes in the Park.
Kate tells him that she’s already engaged and she has no intention of throwing her perfectly planned life away for an unpredictable cop. But whenever Kate sees Anthony, shocks go through her body like never before. Maybe a stable and orderly life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be…