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‘Truly wonderful and brilliant . . . Beth is officially the new queen of hilarious rom-coms’ LUCY VINE

‘Brilliant! So original, so clever, so funny’ HELLIE ACTION

Five couples. One week. A love story like no other . . .

When an apartment block is put on lockdown, its residents are in for a whirlwind week. Wild and reckless Imogen is stuck living with a one-night-stand in Flat 14 whose name she can’t remember (and who she tried to steal a t-shirt from while sneaking out), and is forced face the reality that maybe it’s time she grew up.

Upstairs, Isla and Danny are still in their honeymoon period, but a warts-and-all week together so early in the relationship could make or break their romance (hello, secretly applying concealer in the bathroom at 6am). Meanwhile, Zach and Serena’s steady relationship is on tenterhooks, and pineapple on pizza might actually be the last straw.

At Flat 22, Olivia’s Maid of Honour duties are pushing her to the edge as a wedding-planning weekend has turned into an entire (nightmarish) week… And speaking of weddings, this whole thing has made Ethan realise he wants to spend the rest of his life with Charlotte, if only he can surprise her with the perfect proposal – and find a way to sneak her into the building . . .

From make-ups to break-ups, one-night stands and proposals, Love, Locked Down is the ultimate love story. Perfect for fans of THE FLATSHARE, OUR STOP and LOVE ACTUALLY

‘Clever, heart-warming and hilarious, each page of Love, Locked Down is pure joy. Beth Reekles has written the perfect book for these times’ Phaedra Patrick, author of THE LIBRARY OF LOST AND FOUND

‘Funny and uplifting with a whole lot of heart’ – Isla Gordon, author of THE WEDDING PACT


Brilliant! So original, so clever, so funny
Hellie Acton, author of THE SHELF
Funny and uplifting with a whole lot of heart
Isla Gordon, author of THE WEDDING PACT
Reekles's capable plotting toggles between apartments and keeps readers wondering what's next. The result transforms the harsh realities of quarantine into rom-com enchantment
Publisher's Weekly