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Wild meets Sliding Doors, with a healthy dose of darkness thrown in, as Iris meets an alternate version of herself in the woods after escaping her abusive wife.

‘I opened my eyes and the woman wearing my face opened hers at the same time.’

Iris, desperate to escape her unhappy marriage to her beautiful but controlling wife Claude, flees New York City for the remote Catskill Mountains. When she was a child, Iris and her father found solace in the beauty and wilderness of the forest and now Iris needs time and space to clear her head and come to terms with the mistakes which have led her here. But what Iris doesn’t expect in this journey of survival and self-discovery is to find herself – quite literally.

Trapped in a neglected cabin deep in the mountains and with rapidly dwindling supplies, Iris is grudgingly forced to come face-to-face with a seemingly happier, prettier, better version of herself. An Iris who made difference choices in life and love. But is this other Iris all she seems? Can she be trusted? What is she hiding? And why did she end up here if her life went down such a different path?

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