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Hardcover / ISBN-13: 9781472279316

Price: £20

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‘Original, clever, insightful and packs a hell of a feminist punch. I loved it’ Joanne Harris

‘A revelation and a revolution’ Kasim Ali

With words come power. But do you speak out or shut up?

Everywhere Sara Javed goes – online or outside – everyone is shouting about something. Couldn’t they all just shut up? One day she takes her own advice.

At first people don’t understand her silence and are politely confused at best. But the last thing Sara could anticipate is becoming the figurehead of a global movement that splits society in two.

The Silent Movement sparks outrage in its opposers. Global structures start to shift. And the lives of those closest to Sara – as well as strangers inspired by her act – begin to unravel.

It’s time for the world to reconsider what it means to have a voice.

A sharply observed novel, charged with compassion and dark wit, that will spark important conversations about how we live, relate and communicate now.



‘Brilliant and thought-provoking’

‘A novel about choices and how women’s choices are always subject to critics’

‘Zainab’s story will stay with me for years to come’

‘There is a lot to be learnt from this work of fiction’

‘Essential reading’

‘Perfect for this age of noise’

‘A very compelling read’

What's Inside

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Powerful and profound
Daisy Buchanan
Original, clever, insightful and packs a hell of a feminist punch. I loved it
Joanne Harris
Brilliantly insightful, witty, smart. A revelation and a revolution all in one
Kasim Ali
Dazzling, clever and mind-blowingly creative . . . This isn't just a book, it's a world-changing conversation
Lucy Vine
Malik makes us care with wry humour and bite
Helen Lederer
Ayisha Malik started at a high point and just gets better all the time. I loved this book, with its subtle satire and memorable characters
Louis de Bernières
A beautiful, funny, searing examination of the modern world and its sensibilities
Imran Mahmood
A book for, and of, the now
Vaseem Khan
An explosive work of art, bold and brilliant
Sairish Hussain
A stunning, monumental novel, which will make you think about who is heard, who isn't - and why not
Inga Vesper
An intelligent look at what it means to have a voice
A really clever and creative examination of how we interact with each other, in person and on online, and the issues that affect our lives