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Inventing the Universe

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8th October 2015

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We just can’t stop talking about the big questions around science and faith. They haven’t gone away, as some predicted they might; in fact, we seem to talk about them more than ever. Far from being a spent force, religion continues to grow around the world. Meanwhile, Richard Dawkins and the New Atheists argue that religion is at war with science – and that we have to choose between them.

It’s time to consider a different way of looking at these two great cultural forces. What if science and faith might enrich each other? What if they can together give us a deep and satisfying understanding of life?

Alister McGrath, one of the world’s leading authorities on science and religion, engages with the big questions that Dawkins and others have raised – including origins, the burden of proof, the meaning of life, the existence of God and our place in the universe. Informed by the best and latest scholarship, Inventing the Universe is a groundbreaking new primer for the complex yet fascinating relationship between science and faith.


BBC Radio 4
Alister spoke about INVENTING THE UNIVERSE and the death of New Atheism on Radio 4.
Alister wrote an article entitled: 'Science and Faith: Exploring an Intellectual Frontier'.
The Church Times
An author always worth reading... The chapters on human nature and the quest for meaning are, for me, the most engaging of all in this very enjoyable book
Jumoke Fashola - BBC Radio London
It explores all of life's big questions.
Rowan Williams
It would be nice to think that this elegant, wide-ranging and superbly balanced and intelligent book might put an end to the phoney war between faith and science; but we should probably not hold our breath, given the investment of energy that still prevails in the marketing and parroting of fashionable myths about their enmity. But it will provide a deeply useful guide for any believer in search of facts and arguments to counter this mythology - and also, we can hope, a salutary shock to anyone who has simply taken for granted the received unwisdom on this subject. Another splendid contribution from Alister McGrath to the intellectual and imaginative treasury of belief.
Publisher's Weekly
McGrath, a crackling storyteller, chronicles his childhood fascination with science and his university study of chemistry. During his university days of reading around in other disciplines, he realizes that scientific knowledge does not provide the only authentic knowledge and that nature can be interpreted in many ways.
Adrian Read, The Independent
McGrath's style is scholarly yet accessible and engaging, and he presents a convincing case for replacing the old "narrative of conflict"... Anyone with an interest in the science-religion debate, whatever their level of expertise, will welcome this balanced and thoughtful contribution.
Premier Christian Radio
Physicist and radio presenter Jim Al-Khalili is the president of the British Humanist Association. Jim interacts with Alister on whether science excludes God, whether theism makes most sense of the nature of our universe and what it would take for him to abandon his atheism and believe. You can hear the show at the link below:
The Church Times
The book was featured in their new titles feature.
The Church Times
The book was Number 1 in the Church Times' 'Top Ten Religious Books' feature.
Methodist Recorder
This is an intelligent, balanced and scholarly book, covering the subject in a rigorous and logical manner...well written and very read- able. If one sticks with it, it leaves you feeling better informed, more confident and further equipped to counteract the arguments from the more vocal and aggressive atheists.