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As children, Emmett and Daisy were inseparable.

Until Daisy announced that she’d seen her mum kissing Emmett’s dad.

They haven’t seen each other since, but Emmett often thinks about her — where she is, what she’s doing, and if she ever thinks about him.

Now almost thirty, Emmett has just begun a fresh chapter in London so he can spend weekends with his seven-year-old daughter, whose existence he only recently discovered. Things are off to a bumpy start — he’s not quite sure he’s the father Misty expected — but they’re finding their way.

And then, one day, in a dusty local bookshop, he sees her — Daisy — and the spark that never died brightens. But it’s not long before the situation becomes very complex indeed and Emmett is torn between telling the truth and risking a blossoming new relationship — or two…

The Weekend Dad is a heartwarming story of friendship, parenthood, love and what it is to be good enough.