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Harry Airton, a Scottish fisherman, has China in his blood. A chance encounter with a spook during the Korean War gives him the opportunity to return to the land of his birth and serve his goverment at the same time. They hatch a long-term plan to create the perfect spy: a triple agent with a cover that cant be broken, because its genuine.

What Harry doesnt realise is that if he is setting the perfect trap, the Communist Chinese may also be finding the perfect bait. And that as the Cold War escalates and China marches towards Cultural Revolution and the end of the twentieth-century, the fates of two people who love each other are entirely unimportant.


Adam Williams has written a true epic, spanning many decades and incorporating real events of magnitude. It is not easy to explain historical context entertainingly, but Williams pulls it off.
<i>The Times</i> on THE DRAGON'S TAIL
This is a magnificent climax to Adam Williams' epic trilogy covering the history of modern China . . . An extremely well plotted spy novel . . . it is a great read with strong and sympathetic characters struggling to maintain their humanity in the midst of the terrible events which engulfed China after 1949. The sections relating to the Chinese labour camps and the bitter betrayals of the survivors . . . raise the novel into the realm of high literature. Many people will read this for many years to come to understand China better.
Jasper Becker, author of <i>The Chinese</i> on THE DRAGON'S TAIL
A bewitching, unpredictable spy thriller. A harrowing but noble love story. A mirror onto half a century of Chinese history - I have no doubt that this will become a classic.
James Kynge, author of <i>China Shakes the World</i> on THE DRAGON'S TAIL
'This book is poetic and romantic in parts, harrowing and tragic in others . . . Persevere when the going gets tough and you'll be richly rewarded.' ****
<i>Heat</i> on THE EMPEROR'S BONES
Epic . . . a story that suggests history is repeated not as farce, but as adventure and romance.
<i>Financial Times </i>on THE EMPEROR'S BONES
An epic historical and romantic story as well as an impressive first novel.