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A brutal combat. A test of courage. A battle that will change history.

1565: a small island in the middle of the Mediterranean stands gatekeeper between East and West. It is about to become the scene for one of the most amazing stories of bravery, battle and bloodlust: the siege of Malta.

Formed in the Holy Land in the 11th century, a small band of knights had long sought a home. Driven from their lands by Ottoman might, they came to rest in Malta from where they watched the Turks and corsairs raid the Spanish empire.

As word came from Constantinople that Malta was in the sights of the Ottoman Empire, all of Europe watched as a force of over 30,000 men besieged the island – itself only peopled by only 500 knights and a few thousand local soldiers.

On that small rock an epic struggle will be played out – the story of individual men, warriors and slaves, but also the story of two worlds colliding.


"Napier tells the bloody and moving story of how his young hero witnesses the collision of two worlds with style and panache."
Nick Rennison, SUNDAY TIMES