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The Sheriff's Toy

ebook / ISBN-13: 9781908917171

Price: £1.99

ON SALE: 24th May 2012

Genre: Fiction & Related Items / Erotic Fiction

An anthology of five erotic stories with mixed themes including BDSM, fem sub, group sex, exhibitionism and sex outdoors.

The Sheriff’s Toy by Queenie Black

Lexi has been waiting for Sheriff Heath Walker for years. She’s finally given up and decided to move on and she’s chosen her birthday to do it. But Heath has other ideas. He’s decided that Lexi is old enough to deal with his desire to dominate and he’s got a pair of cuffs set aside specially for her.

Samantha’s Initial Public Offering by Veronica Gosford

A casual bait thrown out by her husband Brock launches Samantha into an exhibitionist adventure she couldn’t have dreamt up by herself. Stepping out of her underwear in a bustling café right on the Champs-Élysées triggers a sexual appetite in her that she finds impossible to contain. Things come to a head when Samantha gets a little too brazen on a Paris Metro train. When the couple find themselves squeezed into a car with a crowd of Frenchmen, they embark on their most daring erotic exploit yet.

How Heather Became a Whore by Valerie Grey

Heather dreams of owning her own trail riding business, but money is tight. Her widowed neighbour, Ed, offers a solution that has benefits for both of them. He might be thirty years older than her, but he’s well hung and knows how to use what he’s got. And the tricks this old dog teaches her will serve her well in her new career …

A Good Hard Ride by Jordan Alleyo

If you’re going to wear stretch cycling shorts, you need a great arse. The buns oscillating directly ahead of Jordan certainly qualify as “stretch safe”. And the only thing better than the cute redhead with iron buns is the massively built hunk cycling by her side. When the couple express an interest in getting to know Jordan better, their ensuing threesome brings a whole new meaning to enjoying a good hard ride …

Walkabout by Zombie Ferguson

The club borrowed the name “walkabout” from the aboriginal ceremony that had boys travel across the Outback as part of their journey into adulthood. My friend Michelle brought me into the club. The walkabout they had me perform opened up more than just a coming of age. I was to trek across town, at night, completely naked. The minute they left me at the entrance to the park, wearing only tennis shoes and a key to my front door, I felt fear, freedom, and unparalleled lust. This is my tale of adventure …