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The Factory is the law – but Wild Alan is about to discover that law does not mean justice.

The gargantuan Factory of Gleam is an ancient, hulking edifice of stone, metal and glass ruled over by chaste alchemists and astronomer priests.

As millennia have passed, the population has decreased, and now only the central district is fully inhabited and operational; the outskirts have been left for the wilderness to reclaim. This decaying, lawless zone is the Discard, and Wild Alan’s home.

Clever, arrogant and perpetually angry, Wild Alan is both loved and loathed by the Discard’s misfits. He’s convinced that the Gleam authorities were behind the disaster that killed his parents and his ambition is to prove it. But he’s about to uncover more than he bargained for.

‘Anyone looking for a science fiction tale of grim darkness should definitely pick this one up’- Starburst


It's well written and thought provoking. It's not what you expect (regardless of what you expect) . . . Gleam challenges the genre. It pushes boundaries, and introduces readers to profound and amazing characters. It's dark, but love and hope are subtle tones that balance that darkness.
Bookworm Blues
Gleam is an astonishing novel . . . A book of the year for sure.
For Winter Nights
Gleam is a strong start to a very interesting world. Anyone looking for a science fiction tale of grim darkness should definitely pick this one up. 8/10
There's true passion in every written word . . . With such deep characters and a storyline that promises more in its sequels, Gleam is definitely not one to discard. 4/5
Gleam's combination of dystopia, mythic quest, music and squishy monsters is hugely entertaining. Fletcher's distinctive prose - alternating barogue description and brutal action - is spiced with witty dialogue and eccentric characters. 4/5
Absolutely one of my favourite books of the year . . . a sprawling, wild and highly engaging tale of a completely different world - one inhabited by the weird and wonderful, where dark secrets lie hidden and an eclectic and highly intriguing group set out on a quest to discover them
Liz Loves Books
Gleam is a very accomplished novel. The tapestry of the Alan's world is extremely rich and is filled with immaculately planned details. The story flows nicely and the last hundred pages or so only made me want to read more. In short, it'll be a long wait for the sequel!
I for one look forward to finding out more . . . when The Factory Trilogy continues.
A wild ride through a world rooted in bizarre and unfathomable traditions . . . Gleam is simply beyond fascinating . . . I quickly fell in love with this book.
Alan's sidekicks are beautifully grotesque and Fletcher isn't too precious about keeping all of them alive, which I find quite refreshing in this sort of book. 555/666
The Horror Houthouse
Well imagined, fascinating, intensely strange, and that is sure to make many critics of speculative fiction swoon . . . the writing is a combination of Jeff VanderMeer's and China Mieville's . . . A unique story that is immersive.
Avid Fantasy Reviews
Gleam is a bit of post apocalypse, a bit of dystopia, and a whole lot of weird. It is also strangely compelling, a bit more fun that its dark themes should provide, and a damn fine read . . . A very impressive book and sure to be enjoyed by those who like their world dark and their characters insane.
Fantasy Review Barn
Fascinating and captivating . . . it's definitely worth the read
Tenacious Reader
In need of an original, imaginative, kind of weird story to lose yourself in to? Then Gleam is something for you! Welcome to the world of mushrooms, swamps, slugs and blood craving creatures.
Draumr Kopa
Tom has created a snail-trail covered Gormenghast of a place, humanity and industry and architecture exploded to a planetary scale and left to go feral. It's a dizzying, intoxicating place that will horrify and fascinate you in equal measure
Alasdair Stuart, Man of Words
Engaging . . . The world has many different layers and complexities that are only hinted at in the mythologies and half truths of how Gleam became the way it is. I am looking forward to delving back in
Fantasy Book Review
Simply superlative
The Speculative Scotsman
A dark, aesthetically beautiful fantasy . . . a weird, angry, grimdark bildungsroman.
Intellectus Speculativus