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The Blind Spots

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2nd November 2023

Price: £9.99

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Selected: Paperback / ISBN-13: 9780349145068

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From the acclaimed author of Darktown comes the most visionary crime novel since Minority Report.

‘It’s rare to find a thriller with such a fantastic and original concept. I was gripped’ — Anthony Horowitz

In a world where a global event has blinded every person on the planet, one detective seeks a murderer who should not, cannot, exist.

Seven years ago, everyone in the world went blind in a matter of months. Technology helped people adjust to the new normal, creating a device that approximates vision, downloading visual data directly to people’s brains. But what happens when someone finds a way to manipulate it and change what people see?

Homicide detective Mark Owens has been on the force since before The Blinding. When a scientist is murdered, and the only witness insists the killer was blacked out of her vision, Owens doesn’t believe her – until a similar murder happens in front of him. With suspects ranging from tech billionaires to anti-modernity cultists, Owens must conduct an investigation in which he can’t even trust his own eyes…


‘Terrific entertainment’ – Stephen King

– Ken Follett

‘Magnificent and shocking’Sunday Times

‘Written with a ferocious passion that’ll knock the wind out of you’New York Times

‘Fascinating, grim and unsettling’Guardian

‘A terrific story’The Times

‘From the very first page of Darktown, I was stunned, mesmerized’ – Attica Locke


Wall Street Journal
Two guns - I mean thumbs - up
Ace Atkins
This terrific mix of noir and sci-fi delivers an exciting and cautionary crime novel of what may be our not-so-distant future.
Jason Rekulak
The world of this story is brimming with imagination and raises alarming questions about our own near-term future. Attention Black Mirror fans: This is your next book!
Anthony Horowitz
It's rare to find a thriller with such a fantastic and original concept. I was gripped.
Charles Yu
An exciting page-turner that's also full of sharp writing and thought-provoking ideas. Mullen fuses science fiction and a detective story into a stylish and entertaining novel.
M. W. Craven
An exceptional mystery and seamless interwoven it this new world he has realised. The result is incredible. Easily my book of the year so far.
A tremendous crime-SF hybrid, a brilliantly conceived story impeccably told.
Crime Time
Mixing the genres of crime and science fiction, this is assured writing . . . Fans of William Gibson as well as crime fiction will find The Blind Spots an exciting and thought-provoking read
Publishers Weekly
[An] excellent near-future mystery. Fans of P.D. James's Children of Men will be enthralled.