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The New Las Vegas Sunfield. One of the enormous solar farms that supplies energy to the United States. At more than fifty miles long and two miles wide, it generates an electromagnetic field so volatile that ordinary machinery and electronic devices can’t get near it. The only security that can protect it are descendants of the cowboys from the Old West. Grizzled men on horseback who patrol the desert in the scorching heat.
They are the Outriders.
While the sun is bright, the power from the Sunfield doesn’t come free. Franklin Dreg, the iron-fisted Mayor of New Las Vegas, demands complete deference in exchange for access. But someone doesn’t want to play ball – energy has been siphoned out of the grid under cover of darkness, on a giant scale. This isn’t a case of someone wanting free power, but the beginnings of a potential threat against the whole of society, bringing down the entire grid.
As the pressure mounts and cracks begin to appear in the political landscape, the Outriders must find the Drainers and stop them, before its too late.