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Paperback / ISBN-13: 9781780878676

Price: £8.99

ON SALE: 3rd April 2014

Genre: Fiction & Related Items

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They were created to save humanity. Now they must fight to save themselves.

For years the human race suffered from a deadly Syndrome, but when a cure was found – in the form of genetically engineered human beings, gems – the line between survival and ethics was radically altered.

Now the gems are fighting for their freedom, from the oppression of the companies that created them, and against the norms who see them as slaves. And a conference at which Dr Eli Walker has been commissioned to present his findings on the gems is the key to that freedom.

But with the gemtech companies fighting to keep the gems enslaved, and the horrifying godgangs determined to rid the earth of these ‘unholy’ creations, the gems are up against forces that may just be too powerful to oppose.

What's Inside

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It's more of an experience than just a mere story, a new world rather than a mere novel. It's very possibly one of the best things I'm going to read this year. Social sci-fi just doesn't get any better than this!
A fascinating and compelling read, exploring the boundaries of human behaviour, religious influences, and the morality of the everyday person. It comes highly recommended
Starburst magazine
A smart, confident debut . . . It touches of themes of slavery, of fear of the unknown other, on religious symbolism and ethical questions
Fantasy Faction
Absolutely amazing . . . Unmistakable talent and great story-telling mix well
Speculating Spec Fiction
An incredibly emotive read . . . hugely gripping
SciFi Now
An intriguing, well-written and well-conceived novel
For Winter Nights
Saulter writes extremely well. Her prose is fluid, unpretentious and nicely composed . . . A powerful commentary on contemporary society and politics, excellently written. Gemsigns is a must-read
Civilian Reader
Takes on a tough subject, treats it with honesty, and comes out making the reader feel better about things
Two Dudes in an Attic
Well-written and thought provoking, Gemsigns is an all-around superb debut from Stephanie Saulter, and another winner from Jo Fletcher Books. 4.5 out of 5
An intense, compelling read
The Examiner
[A] political dystopian thriller with a lot to think about. It's a dark look at technology, corporations and control
News and Sentinel
A winner
The Quillery
An incredibly powerful story . . . forces the reader to truly examine all their light and darkness in a mirror that hides nothing. Gemsigns is shockingly ambitious. It's uncomfortable and telling. This is a book about what makes us human. I can't, honestly, give this book enough praise
Bookworm Blues
Stephanie Saulter's novel of politics, philosophy, science, corporate greed, and slavery will make you reconsider "human"
Saulter creates a world that is visually engaging and peopled by characters who lift off the page and worm their way into your imagination