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The second brilliant novel from the author of The Levels – Sean Cregan

In Newport City men and women walk the streets, their lives literally ticking away.
The Clocks are victims of a new serial crime, their existence kept secret by the authorities for fear of a wave of panic spreading through the US East coast city. Kidnapped by the mysterious Curator and subjected to the Curse – a medical procedure which ensures a fatal drug will be released into their nervous system one year after implantation – they are headed for certain death.
But now they are fighting back. A suicidal Clock, determined to bring their plight to the public’s attention, has detonated a bomb, killing dozens. Journalist Maya Cassinelli, whose ex-boyfriend is one of the dead, and cop Charlie Garrett, whose Clock girlfriend is about to die, are on a desperate search for answers, closely shadowed by members of the elite Foundation, who want control of the Curse’s revolutionary and lucrative bio-technology.
With everyone hunting the Cure, who will find it first? The Clocks are ticking…