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Richard Wilson’s stories could almost be described as gentle – if it were not for the pungent humor which runs through most of them, the startling satiric commentary, all the more impressive for its quiet setting – and the one other quality that is essential in any form of good writing: a genuine concern with the human condition. This quality Wilson possesses in abundance and, perhaps in the end, it is this that makes his work such a joy to read.

TIME OUT FOR TOMORROW contains twelve SF tales of vivid imagination!

Kin (1956)
The Big Fix (1956)
Wasp (1954)
An Abundance of Good Things (1954)
The Tunnel Under the World (1959)
The Best Possible World (1960)
The Voice of the Diaphragm (1958)
QRM (1957)
The Ubiquitous You (1957)
Just Call Me Irish (1958)
The Locus Focus (1957)