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The Tyranny of Faith

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14th February 2023

Price: £9.99

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‘An absolutely unputdownable read’ Grimdark Magazine

The Tyranny of Faith
is the epic sequel to the Sunday Times bestselling debut The Justice of Kings, where Sir Konrad Vonvalt – the most powerful and feared of the Emperor’s Justices – must face down a growing threat to the Empire.

A Justice’s work is never done.

The Battle of Galen’s Vale is over, but the war for the Empire’s future has just begun. Concerned by rumours that the Magistratum’s authority is waning, Sir Konrad Vonvalt returns to Sova to find the capital city gripped by intrigue and whispers of rebellion. In the Senate, patricians speak openly against the Emperor, while fanatics preach holy vengeance on the streets.

Yet facing down these threats to the throne will have to wait, for the Emperor’s grandson has been kidnapped – and Vonvalt is charged with rescuing the missing prince. His quest will lead Vonvalt – and his allies Helena, Bressinger and Sir Radomir – to the Empire’s southern frontier, where they will once again face the puritanical fury of Bartholomew Claver and his templar knights . . . and a dark power far more terrifying than they could have imagined.

Praise for the Empire of the Wolf series

‘Utterly compelling, thoroughly engrossing and written with such skilful assurance I could barely put it down’ Nicholas Eames

The Justice of Kings is equal parts heroic fantasy and murder mystery . . . Richard Swan’s sophisticated take on the fantasy genre will leave readers hungry for more’ Sebastien de Castell

‘Great characters, compelling and wonderfully written. A brilliant debut and fantastic start to the series’ James Islington

The Empire of the Wolf series
The Justice of Kings
The Tyranny of Faith
The Trials of Empire


FanFi Addict
A read that is both gut-wrenching & awe-inspiring. It is a sequel that simply blows its predecessor out of the water. What a remarkable read
Fantasy Book Critic
A gripping tragedy of empire infused with gothic horror
Kirkus (starred review)
Doom is inevitable; it will be interesting (and no doubt, heart-wrenching) to see what form it will take
Fantasy Hive
A masterful sequel to The Justice of Kings. Filled with political intrigue, religion, law, philosophy and necromancy this is a richly layered medieval fantasy that's both familiar and refreshing
Out of This World SFF
If you haven't yet started the Empire of the Wolf series you are really depriving yourself of what I believe will be one of the great works of fantasy fiction when all is said and done. If you love the truly epic stories of Robin Hobb, Joe Abercrombie, and Tad Williams, then you should jump on this series immediately. It's supremely dark in all the right places, occasionally rips your heart from your chest, dazzles you with next level magic, and just flat out compels you to keep on reading by virtue of its unputdownable story
H. M. Long
With Swan's impeccable worldbuilding, wit and claw-off-the-page characters, Tyranny of Faith seamlessly blends fantasy, mystery and horror into an addictive read, rife with unparalleled tension. A thoroughly satisfying sequel
Novel Notions
A great sequel filled with wonderful characterizations, thought-provoking passages, and explosive ending sequences
Fantasy Review
A superb sequel that raises the stakes in every conceivable way