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What lurks in the shadows…?

A haunting novel of love, loss… and flesh-eating trolls, from the undisputed master of the macabre, Richard Laymon. Perfect for fans of Dean Koontz and Clive Barker.

‘One of the eeriest, and one of the most immediate, horror novels of recent decades’ – Publishers Weekly

Everything changed for Ed that day in the fall semester when he got a letter from Holly, the girl he loved: ‘Dear Ed,’ it began, ‘I will always cherish the times we had…’ Holly was in love with someone else. It was as if his whole world had changed in a second. That night, heartbroken and half mad with despair, Ed couldn’t sleep, so he decided to go for a walk. But it’s a dark, scary night in the lonesome October, and Ed is not alone…

There are others out there in the night, roaming the streets, lurking in the darkness – wanting to show Ed just how different his world could be. Some of them are enticing, like the beautiful girl who wants to teach Ed about the wonders of the night. Some are disturbing and threatening. Some are deadly… and in search of prey.

What readers are saying about Night in the Lonesome October:

‘This book is fantastic! It had me gripped from beginning to end! The storyline was superb, with twists and turns that keep you captivated

‘This is an absolutely astounding book. This displays a natural talent at his best. The way Laymon writes is ingenious

The best thing about this novel was its atmosphere – the feeling of being out on empty streets and the nefarious things that may be lurking in the corners of any suburban town’


Praise for Richard Laymon: In Laymon's books, blood doesn't so much as drip as explode, splatter and coagulate
No one writes like Laymon and you're going to have a good time with anything he writes
Dean Koontz
A gut-crunching writer
<i>Time Out</i>
A brilliant writer
Sunday Express
The author knows how to sock it to the reader
The Times
One of the eeriest, and one of the most immediate, horror novels of recent decades
Publishers Weekly
If you've missed Laymon, you've missed a treat
Stephen King