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A luxury cruise. A desert island. A deadly killer.

Breath-taking suspense and vivid moments of terror in the gripping horror novel, Island, by Richard Laymon. Perfect for fans of Joe Hill and Dean Koontz.

‘Shocking stuff. Island is hard-written, blunt and a thriller reader’s treat. Laymon enthrals you with no-holds-barred material’ – Ipswich Evening Star

When Rupert Conway set out on a cruise with seven other people, he planned to swim a little, get some sun and relax. He certainly didn’t plan to get shipwrecked. But after the yacht blew up, that’s what happened – he and his shipmates were stranded on a deserted island. Luckily for them, the island has plenty of fresh water and enough food to last until they get rescued. And luckily for Rupert, most of his fellow castaways are attractive women.

But that’s where his luck ran out – because the castaways aren’t alone on the island. In the dense jungle beyond the beach there’s a maniac on the loose, a killer with a murderous heart, a clever mind and a taste for blood. He doesn’t like his new neighbours and he plans to slaughter them all… one by one.

What readers are saying about Island:

‘His story-telling ability is excellent with characters and shockers to fulfil any reader’s desires… it is not long before the sands of this lovely beach are soaked blood red! At one point I remember literally jumping with shock

Island blew me away. Right from the very first sentence to the climactic ending, this book is very hard to put down

A must read, even if just for the last line’


Praise for Richard Laymon: In Laymon's books, blood doesn't so much as drip as explode, splatter and coagulate
No one writes like Laymon and you're going to have a good time with anything he writes
Dean Koontz
A gut-crunching writer
<i>Time Out</i>
A brilliant writer
Sunday Express
The author knows how to sock it to the reader
The Times
Shocking stuff. Island is hard-written, blunt and a thriller reader's treat. Laymon enthrals you with no-holds-barred material
Ipswich Evening Star
If you've missed Laymon, you've missed a treat
Stephen King