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The Painter of Souls

The Painter of Souls

Beauty can be a gift…or a wicked temptation…

So it is for Filippo Lippi, growing up in Renaissance Florence. He has a talent – not only can he see the beauty in everything, he can capture it, paint it. But while beauty can seduce you, and art can transport you – it cannot always feed you or protect you.

To survive, Pippo Lippi, orphan, street urchin, budding rogue, must first become Fra Filippo Lippi: Carmelite friar, man of God. His life will take him down two paths at once. He will become a gambler, a forger, a seducer of nuns; and at the same time he will be the greatest painter of his time, the teacher of Botticelli and the confidante of the Medicis.

So who is he really – lover, believer, father, teacher, artist? Which man? Which life? Is anything true except the paintings?

An extraordinary journey of passion, art and intrigue, The Painter of Souls takes us to a time and place in Italy’s history where desire reigns and salvation is found in the strangest of places.
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Genre: Fiction & Related Items / Historical Fiction

On Sale: 3rd November 2016

Price: £8.99

ISBN-13: 9781409129967


Wonderfully textured, evocative irresistible feast of painting and quattrocento Italy, beautifully written and magnificently researched, it is sheer pleasure from start to finish.
Elizabeth Buchan, DAILY MAIL
Neatly done, every aspect serving to celebrate the transformative power of art and the crucial role played by Fillipo's worldly compassion.