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Hochgatterer's great art is to transform psychological confusion into a language of extreme clarity . . . This Austrian author writes with a sparseness that builds to a powerful crescendo before the dramatic finale.
Paul Jandl, Neue Zürcher Zeitung
The final days have been reported, filmed, sung and documented a hundred times, but rarely told as vividly as in Paulus Hochgatterer's new book . . . he narrates the last act of a drama in which life and future plans were reshuffled. This could be dismissed as hubris, were Hochgatterer not such a good writer.
Lean, incredibly vivid sentences ... the tension never lets up
Ulrich Weinzierl, Die Welt
His novels unleash a force that is rarely felt in contemporary German-language literature
Rainer Moritz, Die Presse
Austria's answer to David Lynch
Hubert Winkerls, 3sat Kulturzeit
His work conveys a heightened awareness of the fragility of what keeps our innermost souls in check
Felicitas von Lovenberg, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
Paulus Hochgatterer writes about life and the chasms that swallow you when you take the wrong path
Christine Westermann, WDR
This tense novella builds to a final reckoning. Which facet of the human character will triumph - bravery, evil, or a just a sad, deadening apathy?
Antonia Senior, The Times
This is a beautiful book, a masterpiece of brevity and depth. It's rinsed in unspoken despair but what its characters never lose, despite their agonies, despite their trauma, is hope . . . Translated beautifully from the German by Jamie Bulloch, could be his best work yet . . .
Charlie Connelly, New European
Explores the huge difficulty and danger inherent in doing the right thing at the time of Nazi occupation . . . this is a tiny book, but it contains more unbearable tension than most epic sagas can muster
Nic Bottomley, Bath Life