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Chasing The Light

Chasing The Light

You can’t make a movie without breaking egos.

In this unique memoir, Academy-Award winning director, Oliver Stone relives his childhood and coming of age, and brings to life the incredible ten year period (1976 – 1986), in which he grew as a writer, a director and as a man. Writing Midnight Express and Scarface, rubbing shoulders with Pacino, Scorsese, Cimino, de Laurentis, and losing years to cocaine. Developing passions and ideas that would become Born On The Fourth of July. Filming first the politically charged epic, and commercial failure Salvador in Mexico and then – very much the centrepiece of the book, filming Platoon with Kevin Dillon, Charlie Sheen, Willem Dafoe, Johnny Depp et al in the depths of the Philippine jungle, pushing himself, the cast and the crew to beyond breaking point.

Written fearlessly, with intense detail, and colour, Oliver Stone brings this evocative period of Hollywood to life as only someone at the centre of all the action can.


Oliver Stone has written and directed some of the most iconic Hollywood movies of all time. From Midnight Express (for which he received his first Academy Award for best Adapted Screenplay) to Platoon (for which he won two more); from Scarface with Pacino to Wall Street with Michael Douglas; from Born on the Fourth of July that brought home the plight of US army veterans and America’s involvement in the Vietnam war, to Natural Born Killers which explored the nature of American TV and its use of violence. All these films and many more have deeply pierced the consciousness of popular culture in the second half of the 20th century. We’ve all seen them, and we can never forget them.

Born to a Jewish American father and a French Roman Catholic mother who met in the burning rubble of WWII France, Stone grew up fluent in French and with a keen sense of what it meant to be an American. After dropping out from Yale he first volunteered to teach in South Vietnam and then after a year or so joined up to the US Army to fight, where he served with the 25th Infantry Division, seeing much action, the war having a massive impact on him, and his feelings for his country. He won many medals, including the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star (with ‘V’ for Valor), but returned home forever changed.

By 1976, during the summer of America’s bicentennial, Stone was a 30 year-old down-on-his-luck writer in New York City. He began a script that captured the immoralities of America’s war in Vietnam. Ten years later he was the toast of Hollywood, his breakout film Platoon, based on his experience as a soldier in the war won the Academy Awards for Best Picture and Best Director.
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Genre: Biography & True Stories / Memoirs

On Sale: 21st July 2020

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ISBN-13: 9781913183202