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‘Glorious and tender, exquisitely written and beautifully nuanced. I finished it with tears in my eyes and will be recommending it to everyone I know’ JENNIFER SAINT, SUNDAY TIMES-BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF ARIADNE

With every misfortune there is a blessing and within every blessing, the seeds of misfortune, and so it goes, until the end of time.

It is 1938 in China, and the Japanese are advancing. A young mother, Meilin, is forced to flee her burning city with her four-year-old son, Renshu, and embark on an epic journey across China. For comfort, they turn to their most treasured possession – a beautifully illustrated hand scroll. Its ancient fables offer solace and wisdom as they travel through their ravaged country, seeking refuge.

Years later, Renshu has settled in America as Henry Dao. His daughter is desperate to understand her heritage, but he refuses to talk about his childhood. How can he keep his family safe in this new land when the weight of his history threatens to drag them down?

Spanning continents and generations, Peach Blossom Spring is a bold and moving look at the history of modern China, told through the story of one family. It’s about the power of our past, the hope for a better future, and the search for a place to call home.


A brilliant multigenerational tale that stretches across the decades from pre-WWII China to post-Cold War America. A captivating debut, Fu's novel is full of dynamic characters whose lives fill the pages with beauty and tragedy that tug on our heartstrings as they flee an everchanging China into the precarious worlds of first Taiwan and then America. It's a timely story of displaced Chinese immigrants searching for home and identity after war and revolution ravage their homeland
Mary Lynn Bracht, author of WHITE CRYSANTHEMUM
Melissa Fu chronicles a tumultuous period in Chinese history with stunning grace, while also offering us a fresh and important take on the immigrant story. In Dao Renshu's family journey-fleeing from China during WWII, then finding and refinding himself in America-I recognized so many pieces of my own. Captivating from beginning to end
Magical, and powerful, Peach Blossom Spring brings to life the costs of wars and conflicts while illuminating the spirit of human survival. Inspired by her father's real-life experiences and her determination to comprehend her family's past, Melissa Fu has gifted us with a timely, moving, and universal novel
Nguyen Phan Que Mai, author of THE MOUNTAINS SING
A sweeping epic that transports the reader from war-torn China, where a mother consoles her son with ancient fables while they seek refuge, through to modern-day America, where a little girl searches for her identity and the secrets of her father's history. Melissa Fu effortlessly conjures a world rich in texture, taste and detail in this gentle, heartfelt and moving story. It's glorious and tender, exquisitely written and beautifully nuanced. I finished it with tears in my eyes and will be recommending it to everyone I know
Jennifer Saint, author of ARIADNE
A beautifully rendered meditation on the trials and triumphs of a family torn apart by war, Peach Blossom Spring left me pondering how the stories we choose to pass down have the power not only to define us, but to buoy us -- to help us persevere through the most challenging of times
Georgia Hunter, author of WE WERE THE LUCKY ONES
Accomplished and utterly gripping, Peach Blossom Spring had me hooked, and completely unable to put it down until I'd finished. Crossing multiple generations and continents, this is the story of a single family living through war, heartbreak and passion. The full political complexity of twentieth-century Chinese history is here, and Fu effortlessly transports the reader into the mind of Meilin, a young girl living through it. We see how her devotion and the trauma she undergoes echoes through the generations of her family. Her son, Henry, is caught between two worlds and longs to be able to leave his past behind. Fu imbues all her characters with real, complex personalities and desires, which makes this a compulsive read. One of my best books of the year
Catherine Menon, author of FRAGILE MONSTERS