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Zombie Apocalypse! Horror Hospital

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19th June 2014

Price: £12.99

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Selected: Paperback / ISBN-13: 9781472110664

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London is in turmoil following riots and the Trafalgar Square Massacre. A doctor in a big East End hospital, already hard hit by government cutbacks and increasing social unrest, starts to get reports of something having happened at All Hallows church . . .

Then, the first of the injured, including policemen and soldiers, start to be brought in, but the nurses and doctors on the day shift still can’t make sense of what the victims are talking about. Soon their resources begin to be overwhelmed.

Some of the injured begin to ‘change’ and soon the hospital, like so many other buildings throughout the city, is on lockdown. But as things grow increasingly chaotic outside, for those trapped within the old hospital building, both staff and patients, things quickly become infinitely worse as the dead return to life and stalk the corridors in search of flesh.

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Patrick Mahon, SFCrowsnest
An impressive and entertaining zombie novel . . . If you're a fan of intelligent, well-crafted horror stories, you'd be well advised to get hold of a copy of Horror Hospital. You'll never see a visit to A&E in the same light again.
Adrian Brady, Morpheus Tales
Utterly compelling, truly terrifying and riveting reading.
The Zombie Times
This is one of the awesome books in one of the most significant zombie book series of the decade... If you haven’t read this series then you should! If you can only get one of the books from this series then get this one...

Zombie Apocalypse! Spinoff