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The road to a balanced and meaningful life is different for each of us, and in such a busy world we can often lose sight of what that actually means. Taking small steps to shut out the noise, organise your life, and live in the moment can help you reconnect with what makes you truly happy so that you can make space in your life for the things that are most important to you.

In The Art of Simple Living, you’ll find a collection of exercises to help you plan ahead, incorporate healthy habits into your routine and create peaceful moments in your life to recharge so that you can be present in your life and enjoy the little moments that often pass us by.

This little collection of tips, inspirational quotes and reflections will help you find new strategies to:
– recharge your energy,
– organise and streamline your life,
– practice healthy habits,
– develop a positive relationship with yourself,
– and live in the moment.

From tips on letting go of negativity, to appreciating the relaxation of a warm bath, this book will be your gentle guide to a more manageable and meaningful life.