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Amid the bloody battlefields of Britain, Merlin is marked for greatness.

M.K. Hume tells the story of Myrddion Merlinus from birth to boyhood, as he attempts to surpass evil and corruption to fulfil his destiny. The Prophecy Trilogy is the perfect read for fans of Justin Hill and Anthony Riches.

‘Hume deftly navigates the Arthurian legends, populating them with likable and despicable characters, and casting them in a fully realized historical setting’ – Publishers Weekly

In the kingdom of Dyfed, Vortigern, Celtic High King of Cymru and the North, rules in relative peace. Yet his choice of wife – a Saxon queen – fuels tension between the Saxon and Celtic tribes. In the town of Segontium, a young boy is raised by his grandmother. The product of a brutal rape, he is spurned by his mother as a demon child. The boy is Myrddion – prince of the Deceangli and apprentice to a skilled healer.

Far away, Vortigern oversees the resurrection of ancient Dinas Emrys. According to prophecy, the king will perish if the fort does not rise again. But the foundations refuse to hold and Vortigern needs the blood of a demon seed – a human sacrifice – to make the towers stand firm. Myrddion’s life is in danger. Yet the child has a prophecy of his own and a greater destiny to fulfil…

What readers are saying about Prophecy: Clash of Kings:

‘An exciting and thrilling story about Celtic life, of evil and power, and tribal wars that rule this Kingdom of the Celts. A very engrossing and entertaining tale from an author worthy following

‘A captivating start to the Merlin Legend’

Excellent and well worth reading. The narrative carries you along at pace and the plot is action-packed, never giving you a moments pause from either action of emotional content’


Praise for M. K. Hume's Arthurian trilogy: 'Historical fiction of the most bloodthirsty and roistering kind
Australian Bookseller & Publishers Magazine
Exciting, violent and bloody... Up there with Conn Iggulden and Bernard Cornwell