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Recovery - Twelve Simple Steps to a Life Beyond Addiction

ebook / ISBN-13: 9781783752928

Price: £4.99

ON SALE: 8th January 2015

Genre: Health & Personal Development

Are you sick and tired of being addicted? Do you want to recover but think the 12-Step programme is not for you because you don’t believe in God? This book presents a new version of the Steps which is simple and do-able by everyone, whether they have a particular faith or not. Research now proves beyond doubt that the 12-Step programme is a way to long-term recovery, so if you are suffering from addiction, or are a GP who knows your addicted patient needs more support than you can provide, this book is for you.

Lynden Finlay has over twenty years’ experience both in addictions counselling and personally recovering from addictions herself, working closely with the Twelve Steps programme during that time. Over the years she has seen many residents benefit from this version which has at its heart not a focus on God, but on the healing power of one addict helping another.



"This is an extremely helpful and valuable book which is written in a clear and succinct style. Its publication is timely because of the huge change in public policy that now actively supports regular attendance at 12 Step Groups such as AA, NA etc via its Recovery Agenda. A significant number of treatment agencies are currently experiencing difficulties in trying to adapt to this change and are challenged by the understanding of the principles and concepts contained within 12 Step Facilitation programmes. I would strongly encourage anyone who is involved in counselling / treating / helping someone who is suffering from an addictive behaviour disorder to read and assimilate what is contained in this book. It is a pragmatic approach which promotes an understanding of the subtle therapeutic processes that are encompassed within the 12 Steps. There is a British perspective which can overcome the difficulties in understanding the jargon contained in publications from other counties. There is now very strong evidence that shows that the prognosis for people with an addictive behaviour disorder is greatly improved should they regularly attend 12 Step Recovery groups such as AA / NA on a regular basis. The challenge is helping them to overcome their personal anxieties and misunderstandings about these types of groups, and to start to attend them regularly. This book will help both sufferers and relatives to understand the concepts contained within AA / NA which is often misunderstood due to myths and perhaps prejudices about self help / mutual aid groups. The rewards will be of infinite value to the sufferer and their relatives. This book includes a personal journey of Recovery which assists the reader in understanding the pathway that can lead to a sustained sober life. I have no hesitation in recommending this book to people who are not only working in the field, but also deserves to be read more widely by others who wish to discover a very simple way to help friends or relatives who have developed an addictive behaviour disorder. " Dr Ashraf Kahn FRCPsych Honorary Clinical Lecturer Department of Psychiatry, Birmingham College of Medicine and Dentistry.
Dr Ashraf Kahn FRCPsych Honorary Clinical Lecturer