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End of Story

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23rd March 2023

Price: £16.99

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Selected: Hardcover / ISBN-13: 9781529396102

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‘Absolutely show-stopping’ JANICE HALLETT
‘Unputdownable’ SOPHIE HANNAH
‘So intense! So gripping!’ B.P. WALTER
‘A tour-de-force’ CHRIS WHITAKER
‘Enthralling and incredibly clever’ C.J. TUDOR
‘Blew my mind’ JANE CORRY
‘A drop-the-book twist’ TAMMY COHEN


Once upon a time, there was a writer named Fern.

She was a bestseller. An award-winner. Loved by readers and critics alike. With her words, she changed the world.

Until her story took a turn.

Now Fern is a cleaner in a hospital. Condemned to anonymity. Because reading books is now a crime.

Only, Fern doesn’t plan on going down without a fight. She’ll keep writing, no matter the consequences. She will make her voice heard.

Because Fern’s story is only beginning.


A white-knuckle ride of a thriller set in an all-too-believable near-future with a shocking twist, perfect for fans of Gillian McAllister and Catriona Ward.


‘It’s actually hard to find words for how brilliant End of Story is’ NETGALLEY REVIEWER, 5*

‘What a fantastic book, I really didn’t see the twist coming but oh my gosh!’ NETGALLEY REVIEWER, 5*

‘Without question one of my books of the year‘ NETGALLEY REVIEWER, 5*

‘I’m a bit flabbergasted after reading this. It wasn’t what I was expecting; it was so much more‘ NETGALLEY REVIEWER, 5*

Wow, what have I just read? I honestly could not put this book down, I read it in one sitting.’ NETGALLEY REVIEWER, 5*

What's Inside

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Jane Corry
This beautifully-written book blew my mind. Takes 'What if' to a new level.
Eve Smith
A story that shocks, enchants and terrifies, End of Story lures you in to its darkly captivating world then rips the rug out from under you and breaks your heart. Loved it.
Laura Pearson
Powerful and thought-provoking and quite unlike anything I've read before. Louise Beech is a fearless writer
Christina Dalcher
Wow. Swanson gives us what few writers can- a thriller with heart. END OF STORY will undoubtedly be the hit of 2023!
John Marrs
Shocking, powerful, topical, and utterly compelling.
Lauren North
A shocking portrayal of a world undone. Swanson's writing is powerful and thought-provoking. A compelling read.
Heather Darwent
A propulsive and incredibly creepy dystopian premise - I was hooked from the outset, and every twist was perfectly executed. A fantastic thriller
Araminta Hall
A compelling novel with an intriguing premise and a genuine didn't-see-it-coming twist. It made me think about how we tell stories, how we occupy them and how stories can ultimately change us.
C.J. Tudor
Absolutely enthralling, incredibly clever, brutal and heartbreaking. This deserves to be the book everyone is talking about in 2023. I loved it.
Philippa East
A masterpiece of storytelling, with a plot that relentlessly draws you in, and then twists and evolves into something utterly unexpected. Wrapped in one of the most original and deeply-realised storylines I have read in a long time, this genre-blending book hits breathtaking new heights in contemporary fiction
Tammy Cohen
Inventive, original, moving. END OF STORY has a unique premise and a heart-wrenching drop-the-book twist.
Mark Edwards
A chilling and moving tale that will strike fear into the heart of every book lover. The ending blew me away.
Janice Hallett
As much a ride as a read, this tense, paranoid thriller expands into something absolutely show-stopping. End of Story is a rare find indeed! Louise Swanson takes every expectation and defies it - to tell a breath-taking tale of humanity and redemption.
Susi Holliday
Just finished this and oh wow... I could not put it down! Intriguing, captivating and utterly heartbreaking - such a brilliant book.
Matt Wesolowski
End of Story is an infusion of dystopia and very real magic. It reaches straight for your heart, cast in a velvet glove and tears it out in an iron fist. Thunderous devastating. I loved every minute of it.
Claire Allan
Simply devastatingly good - I may need some time to recover
Emma Haughton
Haunting, intriguing and dazzlingly original. This book will break your heart.
Chris Whitaker
An unforgettable tour-de-force. Imaginative, terrifying, beautiful. Do not miss this one
Susannah Wise
A sensually startling dystopia . . . unsettling - in the best possible sense! - the novel had me hooked from start to finish. Wonderfully original.
Amanda Prowse
This is a book about the importance of storytelling, and it's little bit magic, a little bit dark, and a lot emotional. I adored it
S.E. Lynes
Compelling and engrossing dystopian fiction, with much food for thought
Winnie M Li
A terrifying portrait of a near future . . . Both thought-provoking and heartfelt, END OF STORY is a unique dystopian mystery about human connection amidst automation, renewal amidst defeat, and the power of writing
Beth Lewis
Absolutely engrossing from the first page, END OF STORY pulled me in and held me there like the best stories do. Utterly compelling, chilling, and heartbreaking, Louise Swanson has achieved something very rare and very special with this book, it'll stay with me for a long time. I loved it.
Amanda Jennings
A beautifully written dystopian tale which had me enthralled from the start with its terrifying vision of a world without fiction. Hugely imaginative, original, and ultimately incredibly moving, End of Story is a wonderful book with a cast of fascinating characters. Loved it.
Eva Jordan
A taut thriller with characters that are both heartbreakingly, and in some instances frighteningly real, and the twist at the end left me bereft, if not a little relieved. A remarkable, thought-provoking story that will stay with me for a long time.
Deirdre O'Brien, Best
This dystopia is as disturbing as it is fascinating
Crime Monthly
Unsettling, twisty, emotional, and so expertly written that you live every dark, discomforting moment with its protagonist. Not just a highlight of March, expect this book to be a highlight of the year.
A vast, playful, ingenious piece of literary legerdemain . . . It's a book as much about writing as about loss and hope . . . but Louise Swanson takes that idea to audacious extremes, finding real soul amongst the dream logic and textural trickery . . . Read it and make your own mind up, because the ride is certainly fun
A compelling slice of chilling dystopia
Woman's Own
This richly imagined dystopian novel is an unsettling read
Catherine Cooper
A bewitching and heartbreaking story about the power of fiction and redemption. Unlike anything else I've read - utterly breathtaking.
Will sear itself into your heart . . . A brilliant, original idea, powerfully executed and terrifyingly plausible. Prepare to be left speechless!