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Workstyle is the freedom to choose when and where you work. It is only now, after centuries of formal and inflexible working hours, that such an opportunity is on the horizon. It is an opportunity that will have far reaching and profoundly positive implications, levelling the playing field and helping to create true inclusivity and accessibility in our society.

This inspiring book will explain the history of work, where the 9-5 came from, and why the time is right for change. You’ll learn how workstyle differs from flexible, hybrid, or remote working, and why it matters. Most importantly, you’ll explore and design your own workstyle, by reflecting on the things that matter to you, acting to change your life and inspiring others to do the same, all underpinned by research that proves that this is a better way to work for us all.

This book is for everyone who has had to take a day off work to receive a delivery or go to a doctor’s appointment. It is for anyone who has caring responsibilities, for parents, for those with illnesses, with mental health issues, who feel burnt out, or who are living with disabilities. It is for those who are older, who identify as neurodiverse or who consider themselves different in any way. It is for people who feel disenchanted with work and want to live a meaningful, fulfilled life. It is for anyone who questions why they need to commute to an office to be productive. It is for every person who has a life outside of work.

This book is for everyone. This book is for you!


Helen Tupper, co-author of You Coach You and The Squiggly Career
Workstyle is a brilliant book that we've never been in more need of. Lizzie and Alex are the experts on autonomous working and make it easy and exciting for us all to understand and apply.
Sophie Devonshire - CEO, The Marketing Society and author of LoveWork and Superfast - Lead at Speed
This book is terrific. It provides inspiration that one word can change the course of history. Lizzie and Alex are longtime leaders of the conversation on autonomous working, and this is an eye-opening perspective on the future of work
Pim de Morree - Co-founder of Corporate Rebels
Lizzie and Alex are reinventing the way the world works. Read this vivid and inspiring story of how each and every individual can (and should!) be able to craft their ideal 'workstyle'.
Caroline Arora - VP People and Culture, Blinkist
Lizzie and Alex have spearheaded the conversation around autonomous and asynchronous working for over a decade. Leading the 'workstyle revolution' and bringing innovative ways of working to thousands of individuals and many organisations to change the world of work.
Holger Seim, Co-founder & CEO, Blinkist
Workstyle is a handbook for the next revolution at work. It will inspire business leaders to trust in people to choose when and where to work for themselves so they can deliver their best work, and in turn deliver great business success.
Matt Meyer, CEO, Taylor Vinters
Lizzie and Alex have turned an idea, a principle, into a global movement and a successful business. Workstyle provides a privileged insight into their real-world experience and offers a framework for anyone thinking about what "organisation" means in contemporary business. An accessible, inspiring, and timely contribution to any leader's library.
Jon Younger, Investor, Teacher and Forbes Contributor
Hoxby co-founders Lizzie Penny and Alex Hirst have built a highly successful business by adopting a freelancer-first mentality, and giving freelance colleagues the tools and incentives to manage their business, contribute to the community overall and success of others, and make room for life and family. Ask any one of their members how it works and they will tell you that workstyle, the cultural philosophy and practical use of autonomous work, has been key to their collective success. It is for this reason that 'Workstyle' is an important and relevant book that should not be missed, especially in the post-Covid era.
Jon Marlow, Managing Director, Divine Chocolate
Written in a hugely engaging way, this book explains how the Workstyle approach can have a positive impact not just on the person, their health and wellbeing, but on our businesses, enabling us to generate superior results, and also on wider society. One day we will look back and wonder how we ever worked any other way!
Susan Flory, creator of The Big Middle podcast
Trust Lizzie and Alex to write this cracker of a book that redefines how we work and how older workers can take their rightful places on intergenerational teams. Love it!
Nicola Kemp, Editorial Director, Creativebrief
If you care about creating a future of work in which everyone can belong then Workstyle is a must read. Lizzie and Alex have been pioneers of new ways of working long prior to the pandemic. In order to hold on to what we have gained in a pandemic which personally and professionally cost us so much, this book is vital, urgent reading.
Laurel Farrer, Founder and CEO, Distribute Consulting
Workstyle beautifully explains what the future of work is all about - focusing less on where and when work is produced, and instead capitalizing on the diversity of each professional's unique methods, skills, and lifestyles to produce more robust results.