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‘I don’t care what else you’ve seen in the bookstore today. Read this one’ – Kevin Hearne

Following the thrilling and critically acclaimed Wake of Vultures comes the next spellbinding novel in the Shadow series – a tale of the supernatural world hiding beneath the surface.

Nettie Lonesome jumped off a cliff, not knowing what she’d become. She’s still not sure, but the destiny of the Shadow is calling her to help someone she’d just as soon watch die. Her new sidekick, an annoying shifter named Earl, is hellbent on finding the Rangers. He’s just escaped a railroad camp where monsters are held captive, their very bones used to fuel the tracks scarring Nettie’s wild, beloved Durango. And he wants revenge. Nettie, now facing the truth of her own identity and going by Rhett, must decide whether to side with her friends and the badge on her chest or take off alone on the dangerous mission pulling her inexplicably toward the fight of her life.

When it comes to monsters and men, the world isn’t black and white. What good are two wings and a gun when your enemy can command a conspiracy of ravens?


Conspiracy of Ravens, by Lila Bowen, gives me exactly what I want in a sequel. Everything I loved in book one of the series, Wake of Vultures, gets a little bit richer, a little bit deeper, and a little more complex: more characters, more monsters, a wider world, darker magic . . . pick up Bowen's Shadow books. I think you'll be mighty pleased you did
Wake of Vultures doesn't just fly - it soars. Lila Bowen brings in a wild fantasy quite unlike anything I've ever read, with a voice that's weird and wonderful. Bowen is truly a talent to watch. Hot damn, this book is good
Chuck Wendig, author of BLACKBIRDS on WAKE OF VULTURES
Wake of Vultures is a ferocious, fascinating take on the magical Old West - creatively and unsentimentally grim, yet rich with hope and heart
Cherie Priest, author of BONESHAKER on WAKE OF VULTURES
A must-have for all modern fantasy collections and a great choice for adults and teens
Library Journal on WAKE OF VULTURES
I don't care what else you've seen in the bookstore today. Read this one, because it's the thrilling, delightfully written and important one that you've always wanted to read
Kevin Hearne, author of HOUNDED on WAKE OF VULTURES
I enjoyed the hell out of it
Patrick Rothfuss on WAKE OF VULTURES
Nettie Lonesome is a complex, tough, all-around wonderful protagonist. And Lila Bowen is equally wonderful for bringing us Nettie's story, set in a magical old west full of harpies and monster-hunters and stolen children and more. I look forward to more of Nettie's journey
Of all the books I've reviewed this year, Wake of Vultures' Nettie Lonesome stands out as the most compelling, well-crafted protagonist I've encountered
Part Western, part supernatural mystery, this stands out for its tough lead Nettie Lonesome, an outsider treated like a slave at home, until she fights off an attacker, with violent and unexpected consequences. This is an important book that features a trans heroine in a sometimes diversity-lacking genre
INDEPENDENT (’10 Best Fantasy Novels of 2015’) on WAKE OF VULTURES
Sharp as a silver Bowie and unsentimental as a stray bullet, Lila Bowen's Nettie Lonesome deserves a place among the legends of the Weird West
Matthew Stover, author of HEROES DIE on WAKE OF VULTURES
The monsters are gruesome, the battles are bloody, and the pace of this story never flags. Readers will love this absorbing fantasy adventure (the first in a planned series) and its strong, dynamic heroine.
Themes of self-worth, gender, and the complexity of identity are treated with frank realism and sensitivity... Fantastical history fans will be delighted
Publishers Weekly on WAKE OF VULTURES
There are fast-paced thrill-a-minute novels where the plot twists and wild action just. Keep. Coming. And then there are introspective books about someone searching for their identity and untangling deep issues of race, sexuality and gender. And then occasionally, you get a book that manages to do both. Wake of Vultures by Lila Bowen is one such book, and it's a goddamn keeper
WAKE OF VULTURES is, quite simply, brilliant. A mind-bending mix of history, fantasy and folklore, it's a wild bronco of a read that'll leave you breathless for more
Rachel Caine on WAKE OF VULTURES